Bobble Punks
NFT's Meet NFC's

Brought to you by NFT Publisher Inc. Bobble Punks is the first NFT collection to pair NFT’s to NFC’s.

IRL (In Real Life) Bobble punks have NFC (Near Field Communication) chips embedded within their body. This simple change eliminates the need to send designer toys to third-party validators. Bobble punk traders will be able to easily sell and trade amongst each other; both on the blockchain, and irl.

The NFC chips being used change their associated links every 2 seconds, making it virtually impossible to replicate.



Each Bobble punk has its own unique features. The rarity of a feature is based on the percentage of other bobble punks that have the same feature.

Features that 10% or fewer bobble punks have are Rare. (only 33 items in existence)

Features that only 1% of bobble punks have are Legendary. (only 5 items in existence)

Bobble Punks are distinguished by:
Character type/gender, suit color, hairstyle, facial hair, headgear, accessories, and facial features.



How many Bobble Punks Exist?

There are 100 different Bobble Punks uniquely crafted by NFT Publisher Inc. Each Bobble Punk has 100 editions on the blockchain. Meaning there are a total of 10,000 punks in existence on the blockchain.

How many IRL Bobble Punks Exist?

The first 10 buyers of each unique Bobble Punk will receive an "In Real Life" Replica, that houses the NFC technology mentioned above. Meaning there are 1000 punks in existence irl.

Why Buy a Bobble Punk?

Simple: Be a part of the first-ever NFT collection to exist both in the real world and on the blockchain.